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Brotha A'sa

Armed with the gospel of love and unity, Brotha A'sa is always ready to grab the mic and remind the People of the Book that bearing one another's burdens is the only thing that defines a true servant of the Most High.

Sista Tamar

Ever ready to encourage the Body of Christ to continue in their gifts, Sista Tamar aids in providing a welcoming platform for truth music artists to display their talents to audiences nationwide.

Past Events

Highlights from the 1st Annual No More Division Concert (July 4, 2016, Kansas City, KS)

Highlights from the 1st Truth Music Concert at the 8th Hebrew Israelite Summit (January 28, 2017, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Promo for the 1st Israel Love & Unity Conference (April 15-16, 2017, Concord, NC)

Promo for the 2nd Annual No More Division Concert (July 3, 2017, Kansas City, KS)